Summer may not require you to have layers of clothing, but that does not mean you still can’t be dripped out — handpicked by E.T editors.

“The Graphic tee and Mesh shorts Combo”

This casual style includes a very creative graphic tee and a plain pair of mesh shorts. The simplistic look not only gets the job done but keeps you cool during the hot summer months.

” Linen shirts with slacks”

Are you wondering what you should wear on a nice outdoor dinner date? The linen dress shirt with slacks is the perfect look. It’s not too casual and it’s not too formal. This look allows for a ton of creativity. You can switch the vibe up by deciding to put on sneakers or sandals, or you can spice things up by adding some sleek jewelry.

“Oversized tee matched with cargo shorts”

Many think you can only wear oversized t-shirts with pants, but an oversized t-shirt with cargo shorts offers a bold summer look.

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