Everyday Trendsetters is a fashion blog that is run by myself, Malcolm Newman. I have been in the fashion industry for a while now, mainly working as a GQ journalist. With my vast knowledge and passion for fashion, I wanted to create a blog that focuses on men’s streetwear. Streetwear has been a very popular kind of style for decades, but it is ever-evolving. There are always new brands emerging, and tons of different styles and clothes are being released. Since, this fashion style is always changing it is hard to keep up to date with what clothes are dropping, what new styles there are, and the next up-and-coming clothing brands that are out there. Everyday Trendsetter, offers resources for those streetwear enthusiasts to stay up to date. We want to be a reliable source for everyone interested in fashion and help take the style of streetwear to a new level.


We have been very fortunate to provide a service that many people believe in. Everyday Trendsetter has partnered with some of the most exclusive streetwear brands and fashion influencers.

Everyday Trendsetter has brought the streetwear market to life by providing a platform to showcase new styles and brands that have never been covered. With our partnerships with unique clothing brands and other influencers, you will have access to the newest and most exclusive men’s streetwear clothing.