Destiny Nwankwo and Josh Bradley turn their dreams into reality

With streetwear becoming so popular, many young people have taken their interest in fashion to a new level. A lot of young people have tend to express themselves through their own art. With Butterfly Effect by J&D that is exactly what the two entrepreneurs hoped by establishing their own brand. The idea of their brand represents influential art. Each piece of clothing is designed to promote the consumers self-confidence and create a more positive relationship within. One of its main goals is to push its consumers to embrace their identity, which will essentially bring each person closer to one another in hopes of forming a relationship inside this complex system through the butterfly effect. “Art is not defined by one medium,” stated Destiny Nwankwo. This is why, through its many variations they can create a unification within those differences. Creating a brand is not easy and can take time but with persistence and staying consistent, the result can be nothing short of amazing.

Checkout a few of the pieces that are set to release this upcoming fall!

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